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Renas application is featuring the Abaya designer Shahd Abadi the owner of the trademark Zone of Art and Design ZAD.

The inspiration.

Zone of art and design (ZAD). A designer store in khartoum-Sudan. This beautiful store was founded by Shahd Abadi. A Sudanese scientist with a master degree in biochemistry. Shahd discovered early that she has a great passion towards designing Abayas. At the high school she started to design abayas for herself and family. Those early designs were unique, subsequently they guided her to a professional designing career.

The Revolution

The traditional Sudanese women dress is called thoob, still dominating in the Sudan. It is too beautiful with it’s endless designs and materials. However wearing abayas became a trend in Sudan lately. The abaya is too easy to wear, specially for the young generation.

Shahd with her unique designs, great material that suits the weather in the Sudan and affordable prices has invaded the markets.

Great demand of her beautifully designed abayas certainly was a surprise. The success encouraged shahd to start her adventure. ZAD designer store was launched in 2016. As the first designer store for abayas in Khartoum. An adventure led her to become one of the most successful young entrepreneurs.

the store became a big showroom. ZADabayas invade the Sudanese market. abayas now are every where.

Eventually Shahd became an idol. A motive speaker to inspire young women to pursuit their dreams. Despite the unstable conditions lately in Sudan, due to the revolution. However ZAD continues to expand.

take a tour in that spectacular store in Renas application. download the app from Google play

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