This is Lamia, I am a Sudanese dentist, hand-crafter and a traveller with a great passion toward the original cultures and hand crafts. I can’t stop my self from collecting pieces of art from all over the world. Sudan my home land is an African Arabian country with diversity and multicultural. The unique site of Sudan makes the bridge between the Arabic countries in the North and sub sahara desert countries. This site brought the people from all over Africa and the Arabian Peninsula to form with the locals a beautiful mosaic picture. All these cultures have their impact on the society. I have a mission to reflect this beauty to the world so I came up with the idea to create an application to share our traditional arts with the world in the same application. Renas is an application for every hand crafter in the world to share his art and culture. The app. Was named after the ancient Nubian queen Amani Renas, the strong queen who fought the Romans and defeated them. The Nubian art is spectacular. The golden accessories, the wooden household, the brass, the embroidery, the lifestyle and nice more are just fascinating. My mission is to enlighten this history which has a great influence in our modern culture and to celebrate the arts and cultures from all over the world. Every artist is mostly welcomed to share their arts in our application Renas. Send me an email to to open the store. I will send you full information via email. Thank you

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