Wedding gifts ideas ( Fal )

Sudanese wedding gifts are important in our traditions. These traditions are our source of inspiration. In this series I will share with you some of our beautiful traditions and new wedding gifts ideas.

Our mission is keep our culture and speed id through the world

Sudan is the heart of Africa where civilizations and cultures meet and evolve.

Traditions are respected in our various occasions like weddings, new baby, graduation, Religious festivals (eids) and more.

In this post we will discover one of the most beautiful traditions, during the weddings we are passionate about the distribution of small colored handmade gifts which called ( Fal ).

A symbol of happiness and joy. The guests keep them as a wish to have weddings in their families.

The Sudanese wedding has two or more displays, one with the while gown, the other with the Sudanese costume (usually red).

The bride can choose to learn how to dance in a certain way or she can just ware her dress and dance with her friends.

Red dress and red toub ( Sudanese traditional women costume. A piece of textile of 5 meters not sewed), golden jewelries, Henna drawings, locally made perfumes from Sandal wood and makeup unite to make the bride looks fabulous.

After the party the bride family distribute gifts to wish the bride the blessings and to wish them luck.

The gifts varies from Sudanese perfumes, scented Sudanese body scrub called dilka, sweets and many more.

The creativity of our young generation has upgraded the design and ideas of the Fal.

Renas Application features Cadeau by the young designer Leen, with fresh wedding gifts ideas This talented artist offers a new vision of the weddings guests gifts (Fal).

Cadeau store will help you to celebrate your weddings with unique gifts, were designed just for you.

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