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This is Lamia, I am a Sudanese dentist, hand-crafter and a traveller with a great passion toward the original cultures and hand crafts. I can’t stop my self from collecting pieces of art from all over the world, so I decided to launch an APPLICATION to gather the crafters and the traditional arts as an attempt to preserve our heritage and share it with the world.


Sudan my home land is an African Arabian country with diversity and multicultural community. The unique site of Sudan makes the bridge between the Arabic countries in the north and sub Sahara desert countries. Therefore the site brought the people from all over Africa and the Arabian Peninsula to form a beautiful mosaic picture. The people came with their lifestyle,  food, dance, traditional costumes and arts. All these cultures have their impact on the society.

The Mission

My mission is to reflect this beauty to the world. Specially after the great peaceful revolution, which ended a brutal regime. Because of that regime Sudan was isolated for 30 years. Now our youth are taking over, they are eager to share their skills with the  world, with the same passion they want to discover the different cultures.


             During the revolution each woman or girl was named Kandaka. . Kush, Napata and Meroe were the kingdoms that ruled the north of the Sudan in the history. The women has a great role in these kingdoms. Women served as queens , warriors and leaders.The royal title of the ancient Nubian queens was Kandaka.  During the revolution each woman or girl was named Kandaka. That was symbol to celebrate the great rule of the women in the revolution,   which extended for eight months.

Therefore I named the application after RENAS. Kandaka Amani Renas is one of the greatest queens in Meroe. She led the army herself to fight the Romans who tried to invade her kingdom. The application is a tribute to the culture and glory was created by theses queens to defend their land and culture.

Nubian Culture

Nubian kings and queens has built their pyramids to take their belongings to the next life. So they buried their gold, furniture and food with them. The art is spectacular,  golden accessories, the wooden household, the brass, embroidery, the lifestyle and a lot  more  was just fascinating.

The mosaic

Nubian in the north of Sudan and the south of Egypt,  still preserving the culture in their rituals. Arabic tribes came from the Arabic peninsula,  with their language and religion to the north and middle of Sudan. Tribes  from the east have their own languages and cultures with beautiful costumes. In the west we have a great and rich kingdom Darfour with unique traditions in music, food and culture. Finally we have the African beautiful arts in the south.  My mission is to enlighten this history and diversity. which has a great influence in our modern culture,  and to celebrate the arts and cultures from all over the world.

Every artist is mostly welcomed to share their arts in our application Renas. Send me an email to to open the store. I will send you full information via email.

Thank you

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