Kandaka Amani Renas

The queen Amani Renas from the Meroitic Kushitic Kingdom is a great fighter. She defeated the Romans and built a strong kingdom. The women were very strong at the Meroitic era.here the informationabout her from wikipedia


Queen of Kush
Stele hamadab.JPG

Meroitic Stela found at Hamadab
Reignc. 40–10 BC
Born60s–50s BC
Diedc. 10 BC
Jebel Barkal(Bar. 4?)
Full name
Ameniras, Qore and Kandake
Full nameAmeniras, Qore and Kandake
Full name
Ameniras, Qore and Kandake
DynastyMeroitic period

Her full name and title was Amnirense qore li kdwe li (“Ameniras, Qore and Kandake”).[1]

Said among locals to have meant (” Amani is her name “) and the term kandake, pronounced kandaka means queen or strong female ruler.

She reigned from about 40 BC to 10 BC. She is one of the most famous kandakes, because of her role leading Kushite armies against the Romans in a war that lasted five years, from 27 BC to 22 BC. After an initial victory when the Kushites attacked Roman Egypt, they were driven out of Egypt by Gaius Petronius and the Romans established a new frontier at Hiere Sycaminos (Maharraqa).[2][3] Amanirenas was described as brave, and blind in one eye.

Meroitic inscriptions give Amanirenas the title of qore as well as kandake suggesting that she was a ruling queen. She is usually considered to be the queen referred to as “Candace” in Strabo‘s account of the Meroitic war against the Roman Empire. Her name is associated with those of Teriteqas and Akinidad, but the precise relationship between these three is not clear in the historical record.[4]

The early tombraiders stole the gold, unfortunately they have destroyed the pyramids to find the treasures. The collection of the fabulous belonging of the queens is in Berlin museum

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