The serum that I love

Serum is the cornerstone of the skin care. The active ingredients helps the skin to stay firm, hydrated, radiant and young. However in the mid forties I need a high quality serum to preserve my skin youth. Then I found Jeunesse luminesce rejuvenation serum. the miraculous product.       Always believed that the serumContinue reading “The serum that I love”

Ageless Anti-aging product

What’s Instantly Ageless? Instantly Ageless is an anti-aging product and it is my latest discovery. to enhance the eye appearance. This revolutionary cream from is a miracle. Dr. Yasmin my best friend, told me about her beautiful experience with the ageless cream, when I noticed her remarkable results. She is a hard worker dentist,Continue reading “Ageless Anti-aging product”

Ancient Sudanese gold and the tomb raiders (1)

History            The north of Sudan is the land of many great civilizations. The land in the Sahara desert around the Nile from the first cataract to the sixth cataract  was called  Ethiopia by the Greek ( the new Ethiopia was Abyssinia at that time). The monuments of the kingdoms Kush,Continue reading “Ancient Sudanese gold and the tomb raiders (1)”

Abaya designer store

Abaya designer store in our online shops application Renas application . Featuring Zone of Art and Design (ZAD), by the Sudanese Abaya designer Shahd Abadi in Khartoum Sudan. Abaya inspiration Abaya designer Shahd Abadi has founded her store to fulfill her dream. She found her passion in designing abayas despite that she is a SudaneseContinue reading “Abaya designer store”

Kandaka Amani Renas

The queen Amani Renas from the Meroitic Kushitic Kingdom is a great fighter. She defeated the Romans and built a strong kingdom. The women were very strong at the Meroitic the informationabout her from wikipedia Kush. Amanirenas Queen of Kush Meroitic Stela found at Hamadab Reign c. 40–10 BC Predecessor Teriteqas Successor Amanishakheto Born 60s–50s BCContinue reading “Kandaka Amani Renas”

Renas application

Hi there This is Lamia, I am a Sudanese dentist, hand-crafter and a traveller with a great passion toward the original cultures and hand crafts. I can’t stop my self from collecting pieces of art from all over the world, so I decided to launch an APPLICATION to gather the crafters and the traditional arts asContinue reading “Renas application”

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